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March, 2024 - via Gordy Jones, staff writer and videographer:

Lisa, a mother from Iowa, took her two teenage daughters (and their reluctant father) to see Caitlin Clark play for The University of Iowa in the 2024 Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament. Al, the girls' father, wasn't much of a women's basketball fan.

On their way to the game at The Target Center, they randomly stopped at A&W Inver Grove Heights for lunch. They randomly met other Iowa basketball fans at the restaurant that day, and had an impromptu party in our A&W dining room. They then continued their drive, parked, and attended the game. They had a tremendous time, and their team won!

The following day, as they were going back home to Iowa, the (formerly reluctant) dad insisted they stop at A&W Inver Grove for lunch again. And now he really appreciates girls' basketball. In fact, now he's a HUGE fan of not only girls' basketball, but of A&W Inver Grove Heights!

April, 2024 - via Gordy Jones, staff writer and videographer:

Jack recently moved into White Pines Senior Living, our neighbors across the street on Broderick Blvd.


A couple of times per month, his three granddaughters visit him. Nearly every visit, Grandpa always offers to buy dinner for the family at A&W Inver Grove, and they have a little reunion.


As they walked away to enter our dining room, Grandpa Jack fumbled through his pockets and complained, "Gosh, I forgot my wallet." The eldest granddaughter looked back at me, grinning, and said, "He forgets it every time. I'll buy dinner, Gramps!"



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