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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A&W Inver Grove Heights
Our Guests' Most-Frequently Asked Questions

What is your address?

The address of A&W Inver Grove Heights is 9061 Buchanan Trail, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 55076.

What are your hours?

The A&W Inver Grove Heights' drive-thru is open 11am to 9pm DAILY. 

The A&W Inver Grove Heights' dine-in and take-out is open 11am to 8pm DAILY.

Is A&W Inver Grove Heights' indoor dining open? 

Yes! 11 am to 8 pm DAILY for indoor dining.... (our drive-thru is open until 9pm DAILY. Our indoor dining area accommodates approximately 54 people, with 10 four-seat tables and we do have a couple of two-seat tables. It does get busy during lunch (11:45am to 1:15pm) and dinner hours (5:45pm to 7:15pm), so come early! 

Do you have two ordering kiosks in the dining room now? 

Yes! The two fully functional kiosks were installed in late 2023. They are working great, and it has solved our staffing issues since mid-March of 2020. If you are a first-time A&W kiosk user... be patient... after a couple of times you'll be a pro at it. The minimum time it will take you (one person) to order a combo meal is 80 seconds from first-push of the kiosk to pull of the receipt... so be patient. 

At the A&W Inver Grove location, the ongoing study done in-house has an average kiosk ordering time from walk-up and touch, to walk-away and done ordering, per person, is 2 minutes and 16 seconds. This data is as of 5/6/2024.

We have first-time users of our kiosk that are first touch of screen to pull of receipt of less than 80 seconds. Others may take 2-3 times longer, but that's ok. If you need help, just be patient and ask a kiosk attendant or a staff member, and we'll be glad to assist.


One of the great things about the two kiosks is that the wait time to start placing your order has been reduced to nearly zero. Only 8% of our guests typically have to wait for a kiosk, and if you find yourself having to wait, the average wait time is 54 seconds as of 5/6/2024. Most guests take about a minute to look at the menu options above the kiosks prior to ordering, anyway.


Generally, it takes just a bit longer to order if you are a first-timer at the ordering kiosk; and then going forward, the time to order is reduced by at least 25% and as much as 65% as a person get used to ordering with the kiosk. So please be patient as others are new to the kiosks.


The shortest recorded time it has taken a guest to use a kiosk is 65 seconds. 2nd place is 79 seconds. The 2nd longest recorded time someone has spent at a kiosk is 8 minutes, 30 seconds.


If you don't know what you want to order, then obviously it's going to take you longer at the kiosk. So please review the menu above the counter prior to using the kiosks. The kiosks only accept credit cards, and not cash or bitcoin. If you prefer to use cash, simply go through the drive-thru window or walk-up order at the drive-thru window.

Once your order is complete at the kiosk, you are to take a order number and wait near the counter for your order to be called. Once you order is called by a staff member, you can take your order to your table our outside to the patio or your car. The food will not be delivered to your table by a staff member.

Do you have outdoor dining?

Our A&W patio / outdoor dining area has up to 56 OUTDOOR dining spots as well, weather permitting, of course. Generally from mid-April to mid-October tends to be the most comfortable for outdoor/patio dining.

What are the directions to get to your A&W Restaurant?

From the North: Take Highway 52 south and exit on Concord Blvd and go east. You'll see our big sign.

From the South: Take Highway 52 north and exit on Concord Blvd and go past the green light. You'll see our big sign.

How do I contact the A&W Inver Grove Restaurant with any issue?

The very best way to communicate for any non-immediate issue is to call or text us at 651-333-0735. When you leave your message, we'll need your full name, contact information, and the details of the concern. We normally are able to respond within 5-7 business days. Thank you!

What if I have an issue with my A&W drive-thru order?

Return immediately to the store with your receipt so the order can be fixed. Once you get your order from the drive-thru, you will receive a receipt. If you'd like to confirm your order, please pull up past the drive thru to one of the two waiting spots a few yards ahead. If there's any issue, simply walk inside the main glass door and ask for a service team member. If it's later on, you can text 651-333-0735 and the management staff will work with you on a resolution.

Do you work with DoorDash, etc?

We do not currently work with 3rd party delivery services at this time. We welcome you to stop in personally or with your family or friends! We are hoping that early Fall 2024 we will begin online ordering.

Can I get a copy of my A&W Inver Grove Heights Restaurant receipt?

You will receive a receipt with your completed order. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, please text us at 651-333-0735 and when we confirm your request, it will be normally up to 5-7 business days for us to forward you the requested receipt.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are allowed on the A&W patio area as long as they are on a leash and in direct control of the owner.

Can an 18-wheeler or large truck park in your lot?

Yes, but with recommendations...  An 18-wheeler truck can park in either the east or far west sides of the parking lot area. Best case scenario, you may consider parking your truck with trailer on Buchanan Trail on the east side of our building, in-between the Anytime Fitness building and ours. The map appears below... check with local rules and regulations. The maximum vehicle height in our drive-thru is 9 feet.

If I have a pedal bike, where can I safely park it?

Bikes can be placed at the south bike rack, or on the north patio area within sight of your table.

Is A&W hiring?

Most of our hiring is performed between March and May each year for the busy summer season. If you'd like to apply and/or join a wait list, please text us at 651-333-0735 and we will normally get back to you within 5-7 business days.

What if my order is taking longer than I expected?

A&W Inver Grove is a cook-to-order restaurant that normally takes a bit longer than other fast-food restaurants. If you order a specialty item, or in the event that a car ahead of you orders a specialty item, expect it to take up to 20% longer than "normal". If you have an issue beyond that, give us a text at 651-333-0735 and we would like to hear from you!

Do you accept coupons?

Only corporate A&W type coupons are accepted at this time.  Coupons are only accepted thru our drive thru lane.

Are you able to accommodate birthday parties or groups of 7 or more?

Yes!  Small groups are welcome.  Our indoor dining area accommodates approximately 68 people, with mostly 4-seat tables. First come, first served. We ask that you clean up and place any tables and chairs that are moved back in the original locations after the party.

What is the maximum height clearance of your drive through?

The maximum height of the drive through window is 9 feet. If you have a large truck or a bus, there's plenty of parking in our lot or very close.

Can you accommodate a group with a school bus or tour bus?

Yes!  School and tour buses can park on either the east or far west sides of the parking lot area. See photos below.

When do your cruise nights start?

In 2024, that start is May 23rd, 2024. Our Summer Thursday Evening Cruise Nights normally start near mid-May and run weekly, every Thursday from 4 pm to 7:30 pm, weather permitting, through late September.

Do you take reservations?

No reservations are required, except for groups of 40 or more. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. 

A&W Inver Grove drive-thru photo
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