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Indoor Dining at A&W Inver Grove Heights

We currently have a 68-seat capacity for indoor dining at A&W Inver Grove Heights composed of :

  • 15 Benches in Dining Room - 45 seats total

  • 14 Chairs in Dining Room - 14 seats total

  • 1 Bench in Hallway - 3 seats total

  • 6 Chairs in Hallway - 6 seats total

During nice weather days, we also have 48-seat capacity on our outdoor patio directly adjacent to our front door.

We also have several nice grass areas and nice shade trees for an impromptu picnic if you so desire.


Perfect for a small get-together with family or friends to celebrate a special occasion. 

Thousands of people per year decide to visit our drive-thru window and eat in their vehicle(s) in our one-acre parking lot as well! The possibilities are endless.


Our two new automated ordering kiosks (at our location at 9061 Buchanan Trail) make it easy to place your order anytime during normal business hours. If you are a new user of the kiosks, we have found there is a sharp learning curve when you first use the kiosk. Our customers get very good, very quickly at using our kiosks, but it does take 1-2 times to get used to the process. 


The average time for you to order the first time (depending on if you are 1-4 people ordering at the same time) is just over 3 minutes. The second time you come back, your typical seconds to order drops by up to 50%, and the third time around, that time can reduce even further.


Therefore, please be patient the first time  you use the order kiosk, and you can always ask for a staff member / kiosk liaison if they are available, during busy times or a staff member anytime. We appreciate your patience as we move forward with the needed technologies to achieve optimal customer service and to keep your costs lower as well. 

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A&W interior dining room photo
2018-11-02 - IMG_2978
A&W Inver Grove Heights Photo
A&W - people eating at indoor table
A&W Inver Grove Heights Photo
A&W Inver Grove Heights Photo
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