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Testimonials and 5-Star Reviews

5/15/2024 - Five Star Review - Google

P.M. (local guide, 57 overall reviews)— “Had a tasty evening meal and enjoyed the spacious patio! The teenagers who are working were very diligent and got the job done nicely. Excellent strawberry shake!”

5/15/2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Benjamin Vinson 


5/12/2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Ricardo Perez — “I really like [the] hamburgers!”

May 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Heather Buss — “Went there today...”

April 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Don English — “Best place for fresh food in Inver Grove Heights.”

April 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Brooke LeBrie

April 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

John Soler — “Delicious food”

April 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

K. Christianson— “GooooooooooooD!!!”

March 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Aaron Explicable

03/31/2024 - Facebook

Andrea Hinrichs — “My great grandsons and I have eaten on that patio many times :) :) 💕”


March 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

John Soler — “Delicious food”

February 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

J. Lesher — "Best root beer floats and food around!”

February 2024 - Five Star Review - Google


February 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

James Dodge

02/19/2024 - Five Star Review - Yelp

Steven L. — “We love the Thursday classic car shows, burgers, root beer, and cheese curds!”

January 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Mitch Headline (local guide, 271 overall reviews) — “Went through the drive-thru on our way to a Minnesota Wild hockey game and got a burger and some cheese curds. They were amazing, hot and fresh! Definitely coming back!" 

December 2024 - Five Star Review - Google

Bobby Springer (local guide, 31 overall reviews) — “I dined in here about a week ago with my friend. The last time we were here had to have been about 7-8 years ago or so. I wanted to come back since I drive by all the time when I'm on my way to work and driving by when I'm working. I do love A&W but just never manage to stop by that often. First off, ordering was really easy with the screens! We got our order in, and went and sat down. When the gal brought our food, I had to tell her that we had root beer floats with our meals. She did make them and brought them to us. The music playing was definitely the drive-in vibe, LOVED THAT. The restaurant had two Christmas trees in the restaurant that had A&W cans as some of the ornaments. I totally loved that also! I love when restaurants decorate, even if it's just a little bit! 😍 I also really liked how the restaurant had cool things on the walls like license plates, old nostalgic pictures and such. The food took a little bit of time to get to us, but everything was really hot and the order was correct! And very tasty! The root beer floats were bomb!! My only question would be if we could have the option to get them in a glass mug, even if we had to pay more? Would make them more appealing!

My experience was overall nice and I will try to get back before 8 years go by, ha ha!"

12/05/2023 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

"yum yum yum. What a clean and wonderful place to go... the staff here were just a delight with positive attitudes... also considering we all sat outside on a table... i was shocked at the cleanliness of their outdoors dining area great place to grab an amazing tasting burger and can’t forget the root beer floats! Can’t wait to go back and get more delicious food served by good energy!"

November 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Marcy Sibell — “A great place to stop in for a burger and root beer. Always good food, a very clean cooking and dining area..."


November 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Kathi Paul (52 overall reviews) — “Super friendly staff."

November 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Alan P. — “Nice quick, quiet pit stop on a road trip.”

10/30/2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Ramon S. — "Another place that reminds me of my mom, my dad and family. Excellent service, real good food."


10/18/2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Denise F.  "People are helpful, friendly.  Food was great." 


October 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Marie D. — “Great service, good location and amazing food.”

10/10/2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Alan P. — "Nice quick, quiet pit stop on a road trip."

10/08/2023 - Five Star Review - Google

 Golden S. "Just like the old days. Great owner, great place."

10/5/2023 - Five Star Review - Google

David L. — "Food was spot on, hot and fresh."

10/02/2023 - Five Star Review

Julie L. — "Food was yummy, will visit here again."

August 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

David N. — “Fresh food and fast service, very friendly.”

August 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Kim K. — “Very cute, fun place to stop with kids too!  Awesome atmosphere!”

August 2023 - Five Star Review  - Google

Kathy L. — “Oh yeah yeah. Great food, great service. Delicious root beer.”

August 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Erik J. — “Quick and prepared, amazing. Awesome staff and great food. Delicious fries and cheese curds. Great job team!”

July  2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Charles M. — “The service is always great! And the food is fresh and fantastic. I stop by on occasion after work, and am always very satisfied. Thank you for keeping some real food fast.”

June 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Dominic G. — “A&W is a great place to get high quality fast food for a reasonable price. The daily specials are great,  making any day of the week a good time to visit.”

June 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Jessica L. — “Love this place. The burgers are like diner burgers, juicy and thicker than other fast food. The fries are yummy, crispy on the outside.  The Sriracha cheese curds are a must!”

June 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Colleen A. — “Always fresh, hot food and awesome service!!”

May 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Sandra L. — “Excellent ice cream. Wonderful free car show on Thursday”

May 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Patrick O. — “Great food and always professional and kind.”

May 2023 - Five Star Review - In-Person Interview

Mavis J. — “Wonderful! Especially the root beer floats. Also, they have a ginkgo tree blooming in the summer.”


April 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Anne W. — “I was just passing through, with me and my family stopping for lunch. It was an amazing experience.  The entire staff were very nice.  The place is very clean and inviting.”

April 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Brian C. — “They have great cheese curds. Service is fast. The root beer is great. The staff is friendly.”

March 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Greg G. — “Love this place. I always get amazing, friendly, fast service at a fair price.”

March 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

A L. — “The food is always fresh and delicious. Courteous employees.”

February 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

B.C — "Every Thursday afternoon. They have a classic car show in their parking lot. Lots of very cool cars. I had a great time.”

February 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Peggy J. — “Food was hot and delicious! Will visit again!”

January 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Anita L. — “How refreshing to go to a fast food restaurant and actually get great food! I must add that the root beer floats are tremendous!”

January 2023 - Five Star Review - Google

Pat B. — “Best soft serve ice cream cone, and the best price around.”

December 2022 - Five Star Review - Google

James C. — “The best burgers and fries around. My favorite is the Thursday special topped off with an ice-cold root beer.”

December 2022 - Five Star Review - Google

Bunker — “Took the family out to dinner in the classic cruiser to A&W for burgers and root-beer on a gorgeous Sunday night! The burgers were quick and tasty, and the root-beer & floats were delicious!”

November 2022 - Five Star Review - Google

Jamie C. — “Always good food and friendly service. Then add Thursday night car night and you have great fun at IGH A&W.  Awesome restored vehicles. Sit back and chat for a while.”

06/16/2020 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

Jilly070 (1886 reviews) — "Food was terrific! - I haven’t been to this A&W before and I came away very happy and full! The drive thru service was good, and friendly. I got a cheeseburger meal and upgraded from fries to cheese curds, and also had a Diet Coke. I would definitely come back to this location!

April 2021 - Five Star Review - Google

Neal Schroeder — “Great staff, delicious food, classic environment, locally owned and operated.”

09/08/2019 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Mary Ann Brummond — "Papa Burger, fries, cheese curds, onion rings, A&W Freezes; all were so delicious. I've posted it on another site but can't remember which one. We will be back!!"

05/24/2020 - Five Star Review - Facebook

William Belschner —  "...this place is great!! and love that they have the hot rods on Thursday evenings in the summer."

04/22/2020 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

553lindseyf — "We drive here from Minneapolis as the food is so good! Love their chicken strips, cheese curds and root beer. The best in town!"

02/16/2019 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

Ryan B — "Great experience. I took my daughters for some food and floats. Service was fast and friendly. Food was wonderful. We will definitely be going back."

02/06/2019 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

LoveTravel28105 — "We stopped there before the holidays to dine and visit with friends in the area. The employees were jubilant, food was made-to-order yet came out in a timely fashion... and it was terrific! We stop there on Thursdays in summer for their classic car shows. It's a great time with nice people and a lot of fun!"


03/30/2018 - Five Star Review - TripAdvisor

J.L., Farmington, MN — "A hidden gem -  All the locals know about this throw back from the 50s and eat there because the food is good and their root beer is the best, served in frosty mugs. The girls that work there are all cute and dressed in short shorts, again, very 50s. They have 50s music playing outside on the speakers, and every Thursday they sponsor a classic car cruise night. The whole scene is very cool and old school. This is not your sanitized Mac and Dons. There's tape on the benches in the booths, it's old and a little run down, but that's what gives it it's charm. A local old school summer time hang out, muscle cars and all. Ya gotta see it Thurs nights."

07/03/2017 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Beth Melton —  "Went there this past Saturday, loved the food, service & music, enjoyed it very much. The burger & fries taste like home made! "GOOD FOOD"!!! Ate lunch on patio with son & his girlfriend. We were all very pleased with this A&W ! I'll be spreading the "WORD", in fact I already have been!"

03/30/2017 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Martin Murphy III —  "I love A&W root beer, floats and food. The daily specials are reasonable and delicious. I wish there were more A&W restaurants around."

05/08/2016 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Janiss M. —  "Fantastic! Absolutely amazing food here! Highly recommended!"

07/28/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Nathan Brezniak —  "Great job with the add on the kids you get working for you are nice and respectful."

07/25/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Mark Mullaney —  "Can't wait! It is hard to find an A&W these days! I will be going tonight!"

05/23/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Paul Gerold —  "I've been driving past this closed location for years, always hoping that one day it would reopen. I walked in and was greeted by an army of staff behind the counter, the aroma of new furnishings only slightly over powered by the food being prepared and served. After I placed my order and paid, I walked over to the soda fountain to fill my frosty mug, an extremely tall fella was standing behind me with my order. Fast service? Not really sure how they pulled that off. The Papa Burger was perfectly cooked and prepared, a thing of beauty. Fries, cooked just right. And the root beer, as wonderful as I remember it from many years ago. The staff is still learning the ropes and I saw a bit of chaos as the food runners had a bit of difficulty chasing down customers who weren't expecting it to be done so fast. It is obvious the owners and staff are trying hard to make this work. As other business in the area are bailing out, A&W is bravely opening its doors to serve you with a taste of the past and a hope for the future. I will be back often."

05/24/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Mary Weiss Sparks —  "Awesome food n great workers!!! So glad u r open again!!!"

05/24/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Nicole Marie McDermott —  "IT'S SO GOOD TO HAVE THIS PLACE BACK IN TOWN!!!!!!!"

05/23/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Michelle Marie Wheeler —  "Glad they are back open. We bought a bit of everything to try. It was EXCELLENT."

05/19/2015 - Five Star Review - Facebook

Gordy J. —  "Great A&W Root Beer, great Coney Dogs, great floats! I'll be back!"

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