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A&W Mug Club

On your Smartphone, click the link below and get a free float every year on your birthday window, and also other great valuable, exclusive offers, perks and discounts from time-to-time!

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In the heart of Inver Grove Heights, A&W has become synonymous with delicious root beer floats, mouth-watering burgers, and a nostalgic dining experience. Now, the iconic establishment is taking its commitment to customer satisfaction a step further with the introduction of the A&W Inver Grove Heights Mug Club. This exclusive membership program promises to elevate the dining experience for local patrons, offering a unique blend of perks and nostalgia.

The A&W Inver Grove Heights Mug Club is a celebration of nostalgia, community, and the timeless appeal of A&W's classic offerings. With a personalized online membership, exclusive discounts, free birthday float, priority access to events, and a sense of belonging, Mug Club members can take their A&W experience to new heights. Join the Mug Club today and embark on a journey of flavor, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments at A&W Inver Grove Heights.

Tasty A&W Root Beer Float
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