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A&W Poem for Dr. Seuss Day, March 2nd, 2024

In the heart of Inver Grove, where Ginkgo and Ash,

A&W stands proud, like a culinary bash.

Root beer floats fizz, and burgers stand tall,

In this Minnesotan haven, where joy never falls.

Under the Ginkgo, a majestic tree,

And many Ash Trees, standing so free.

Their leaves aflutter, in the summer breeze,

As A&W beckons with burgers that please.

Papa Burgers, a tale to be told,

A secret sauce, more precious than gold.

Grilled to perfection, with onions so sweet,

Under the Ginkgo's shade, where moments meet.

Bacon Double-Cheeseburgers, a tower so high,

With layers of flavor, reaching the sky.

Crispy bacon, and cheese so divine,

Under the Ash Trees, where memories entwine.

Cheese curds, golden and crisp,

A symphony of crunch, a delightful wisp.

Fried to perfection, in A&W's domain,

Underneath the Ginkgo, where joy reigns.

Chicken tenders, a crispy delight,

Golden and tender, a true summer night.

Dip them in sauce, or eat them with glee,

Under the Ash Trees, where happiness is the key.

The summer patio, a vision so grand,

With tables and chairs, where families stand.

Root beer floats sipped in the warm sun,

Under the Ginkgo, where laughter is spun.

Thursday Cruise Nights, a spectacle to see,

Classic cars shining, in the evening glee.

Under the Ash Trees, they park in a line,

In the heart of Inver Grove, where memories entwine.

Ice cream cones, a dollar forty-nine,

A swirl of sweetness, a taste so fine.

Vanilla flavor, with a mix of delight,

Under the Ginkgo, where everything's just right.

Imagine the scene, as the sun starts to set,

Root beer floats in hand, with no regret.

Papa Burgers savored, Cheese curds shared with delight,

Under the Ash Trees, in the soft evening light.

On the summer patio, stories unfold,

As memories are made, and happiness is bold.

Thursday Cruise Nights, with classic cars gleaming,

Under the Ginkgo and Ash Trees, where dreams are streaming.

The Ginkgo Tree, a guardian so wise,

And the Ash Trees, standing tall with pride.

Root beer flows, and burgers are grand,

In this Minnesotan haven, where dreams expand.

So here's to Inver Grove, where A&W stands,

Under the Ginkgo and Ash Trees, making grand plans.

Root beer floats, and burgers so sweet,

In this Minnesota paradise, where joy and flavors meet.

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